Our Partners

FISH believes that to bring about real lasting change for Aboriginal people and the broader community then corporate, government, not-for-profit sector and the community need to work effectively in real partnerships.

Real partnerships are based on respect and trust and a real willingness to listen and work together where there is a commitment to make real lasting change, not just give lip service. Effective partnerships provide clarity about what is going to be achieved and measure whether that change has been achieved and this is foundational if we are to:

  • Foster better cultural, social and economic relations between Aboriginal people and the rest of the community;
  • Provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to share their wisdom and insights to the broader community to teach people how to connect and care for each other and for country;
  • To develop links with other non-profit community organisations, with a view to improving the scope and quality of services available to Aboriginal Australians; and
  • Encourage altruism and generosity among individuals, community and business in meeting the needs of Aboriginal Australians to close the gap and break generational cycles of poverty, trauma and engagement with the justice system.

Billions of dollars are spent each year in the Aboriginal area by local, state and national governments, corporations, and the not-for-profit sector.  Yet we still have generational trauma, poverty and engagement in the justice system by Aboriginal people. The issue we face is not funding, the issue we face is ensuring the funding is spent appropriately and that Aboriginal people are involved in the development, design and implementation of programs and initiatives. As we work together we then are able to more effectively share resources, knowledge, expertise, wisdom and experience to bring about positive long term sustainable change in the lives of Aboriginal people, their families, community and the broader Australian community.