Current Project: Bawoorrooga Community Self-Help Housing

Bawoorrooga is a small community situated approximately 100km east of Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Following a fire in early 2017, the main accommodation building was destroyed which had a detrimental effect on the health and well-being of community members.

The community has invited FISH to collaborate with them in the design and construction of a sustainable house that will form the keystone for future community development and enterprise opportunities. The community is showing initiative and hard-work as they build towards a future of sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Past Project: Broome Sustainable Home

Sustainable House

FISH, in association with Landcorp and The Summit Homes Group, completed a demonstration home in 2014. The inaugural Sustainable Home was built in Broome.

  • An architecturally designed home built for the unique conditions of Broome.
  • Showcasing sustainable housing including appropriate technologies & systems.
  • Developing socially & environmentally sustainable construction & engagement methods.
  • Contributing toward creating sustainable housing in the north of Western Australia.
  • Working towards reconciliation in the region.

Past Project: Junjuwa Community

FISH was invited by the Junjuwa Community near Fitzroy Crossing to provide input into the design of sustainable housing and healthy living programmes. FISH also developed a draft master plan for their Old Bakery Precinct in consultation with the community.

Junjuwa Concept House
  • Advanced collaborative concept design by FISH and Junjuwa for local sustainable housing.
  • On-site consultation that fully addresses community desires and concerns.
  • Design integrated into landscape, local climate, and outdoors lifestyle .
  • Adaptable design reconfigurable for specific sites and family needs.
  • Approved by Junjuwa community leaders.
Recycling of the Old Bakery
  • Recycling of the derelict bakery building as a community hub.
  • Provision of a women’s centre, art centre, training centre, and information technology facility.
  • Serving also as a tourist cafe, shop, and entertainment facility.
  • Centred as the keystone of a redevelopment precinct involving surrounding land.
  • Enabling future facilities with a considerably sized housing cluster.

Junjuwa House