Creative Initiatives

FISH believes in the importance of story telling. Through the process of sharing stories people learn from other’s knowledge and experience. This in turn enables us all to:

  • Develop an appreciation of each other’s journeys;
  • Deeply understand problems faced by each other and the community;
  • Celebrate achievements of people and provide positive role models;
  • Highlight difficulties and develop effective ways to address those issues.

Sharing stories is done through a variety of mediums such as film, drama, writing, yarning, lectures, and presentations. FISH aims to bring healing to the spirit, heart, mind, body, and land. Through story telling, we hope to create healthy people and communities.

Aboriginal people are an asset to Australia and have a lot to offer to the community. They already contribute greatly. FISH works to enhance and provide further opportunities to enable Aboriginal people to share their wisdom and insights to the broader community to teach people how to connect and care for each other and for country.

FISH works to develop creative initiatives that provide opportunities for Aboriginal people to enhance their self-esteem and acquire a sense of community belonging, where they are valued and able to positively contribute to their community.

Further information to come