Positions Vacant

Postion Vacant

FISH is currently seeking applicants to fill the position of Architect/Project Coordinator for the Bawoorrooga Self-help Sustainable Housing and Education Program. The applicant must have extensive experience in designing and coordinating the construction of a SuperAdobe (earthbag) home working with indigenous communities to involve them at all stages of the build, from design to completion. Demonstrated expertise and experience in designing SuperAdobe (earthbag) homes on the principles of sustainable design integrating renewable technologies, optimising solar access, maximising energy efficiency, conserving water, choosing environmentally friendly building products all specific to the climatic conditions of each region is essential.

The applicant must have demonstrated experience in working with indigenous and/or Aboriginal communities in the planning and design of their homes, to providing them with the skills and coordination needed to build their homes with their own hands, developing highly practical skills and confidence throughout every stage of the process. The applicant must be residential in the Fitzroy Valley region or in the Kimberley and be willing to travel to Bawoorrooga Community and at times during the construction reside on the community.

Applications close 26th October and applicants must apply in writing to:

Mark Anderson
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation for Indigenous Sustainable Health
PO Box 7741
Cloisters Square WA, 6850
or via email: