Values & Philosophy

Values & Philosophy


We uphold and promote the highest standards of integrity in leadership and service, including honesty, transparency and accountability.


We have the courage to act boldly with confidence and conviction, speaking truth to power, challenging unjust systems and harmful traditional practices, and promoting justice and peace.


We are driven by compassion, care and solidarity for those suffering trauma, poverty and oppression. With respect for human dignity we seek to empower individuals to claim and protect their human rights.


Conscious of our common humanity, we believe in equal rights for all where people are valued and able to positively contribute. We work to create fairer, more just societies, promoting tolerance, inclusiveness and understanding.


We aim to keep hope alive in addressing generational disadvantage of Aboriginal people and recognise the need for perseverance and determination. We take the long view and strive to ensure the sustainability and continuity of our work.


Resources are finite, resourcefulness is not. We aim to use creativity and ingenuity get the best results possible. We aim to grow each other’s knowledge, working smarter, not harder, trying new methods to overcome challenges through an attitude of innovation, creativity and partnership that inspires out-of-the-box thinking as we share resources, knowledge and expertise to bring about positive sustainable change.